Green Chemistry, Growing at Scale

Viridis is leading the market in our effort to decarbonize the chemical industry.

Our proprietary technology offers a revolutionary approach to circularity for chemical manufacturing—at a time when that’s greatly needed.

More than Green, We Are:




Without Compromise

With renewable feedstocks, reduced emissions, carbon sequestration, and a measurable impact on the Scope 3 emissions for our customers, we’re not just a commodity.





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What if it’s Possible?

Our founders had the courage to ask this question after others had tried and failed. But with courage and persistence, and the support of an incredible team, an asset that was shut down three years ago has now been re-engineered and is thriving. And we’re just getting started.

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Independent Commodity Intelligence Services

Award Winning Innovation

Viridis was recognized as the winner of the 2023 Best Product Innovation Award in Small-to Medium-Sized Enterprise Category by Independent Commodity Intelligence Services (ICIS). The award celebrated the work Viridis is doing to pave the way in product, process, and digital innovations and our commitment to sustainability in the chemical industry.

A Standout in Sustainable Chemistry

Viridis won the 2023 Platts Global Energy Award for Best Product – Sustainable Chemical. The award recognizes ethyl acetate produced by Viridis as a renewable, low-carbon, and scalable solution that increases sustainability and benefits the environment.

Platts Global Energy Awards 25th Anniversary

We’re Just Getting Started

Working with customers, employees, and suppliers alike, Viridis has built more traction than many in the chemical industry thought possible. With the help of a next generation catalyst technology, the expertise of industry experts, and the ingenuity and willingness to embrace a new approach, we are delivering solutions at scale and in ways few thought would be possible.

Plus, our patent library, intellectual property, and R&D pipeline will fuel our platform for years to come.

Industries and Benefits

Our first product, Ethyl Acetate, is found in natural sources like fruit, wine/beer, coffee, honey and certain essential oils. And for a number of industries, manufactured Ethyl Acetate is highly beneficial and provides countless benefits.

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