Terhune to oversee operations and capital project execution for Viridis Chemical

Houston, Texas (August 10, 2021) – Viridis Chemical, LLC (“Viridis Chemical”), a manufacturer  of renewable chemicals, announces the hiring of Keith Terhune as Senior Vice President of  Operations. Mr. Terhune will oversee all operations and capital project execution for the  Company.

Mr. Terhune has had a long, successful career of engineering and operational experience in the  chemical and energy industries, including eight years with Baker Hughes, Inc., and 19 years with  Eastman Chemical Company.

Carl Rush, Co-Founder and CEO, stated, “We are excited to have Keith join the Viridis Chemical  team. Keith is experienced in a variety of chemical and industrial applications that will be  invaluable to our company, including at our existing plant in Columbus, NE, and as we evaluate  new opportunities to expand our renewable chemical platform.”

Keith Terhune, Senior Vice President of Operations, remarked, “The chemical industry and its  customers continue to focus on sustainable and economically viable green products to  supplement existing hydrocarbon-based processes. Viridis Chemical has taken the first step in  providing a solution to participants in the space and I am thrilled to be part of the team. I look  forward to helping accelerate the great progress Viridis Chemical has made to date on building  a leading green chemical company.”

About Viridis Chemical

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Viridis Chemical, LLC is a world-class manufacturer of  renewable chemicals. We’re committed to the safe, environmentally sound, and economically  viable conversion of bio-Ethanol into useful products previously derived from oil or natural gas.  We provide value to our customers by offering a green, domestically sourced alternative to their  existing supply chain. Viridis Chemical adds purpose to our suppliers and to the economy of  Nebraska by further increasing the range of usefulness of local, agriculturally derived feedstock.  For more information, please visit www.viridischemical.com.