HOUSTON, TX. – March 23, 2022 – Viridis Chemical announced today that it was awarded the 12th Hottest Project in the Advanced Bioeconomy for 2022. The Daily Digest announced the 50 Hottest Projects at the Advanced Bioeconomy Leadership Conference 2022 in Washington DC. This year, the focus was on advanced bioeconomy manufacturing sites, completed or in development, at pilot, demonstration or commercial scale for intermediates or finished products, rather than companies. Projects from around the globe were nominated for this prestigious award.

“Readers around the world chose to recognize Viridis as one of the hottest projects, and it’s a sign that they recognize quality and credibility when they see it. It’s an important molecule that doesn’t always get the attention of, for example, SAF or ethanol, and it just shows that high-quality projects and teams in the end are the ones recognized, as they lead the industrial transformation to a biobased economy,” said Jim Lane, editor and publisher, The Daily Digest.

Viridis won the award for its plant in Columbus, Nebraska, which uses proprietary processes to produce bio-based ethyl acetate from ethanol.

“I am so proud of the Viridis team and what we have accomplished in only one year of beginning this journey,” said Carl V Rush, Jr., CEO and Co-founder of Viridis Chemical. “Viridis was competing with some of the most advanced bio-technologies in the world, this award recognizes the tremendous progress we’ve made.”

“Projects that are at all stages of their life-cycle were able to be nominated for this prestigious award,” said Randy Whitaker, CFO and Co-founder, Viridis Chemical. “We are excited to receive this award at this time as it happens to coincide with the start-up of our commercial scale renewable chemical plant almost one year ahead of our original plans. In addition to thanking our team at the plant, we would like to thank our financial sponsors and commercial partners, and appreciate the support we have received from the city of Columbus and the state of Nebraska.”

About Viridis Chemical

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Viridis Chemical, LLC is a world-class manufacturer of renewable chemicals. We’re committed to the safe, environmentally sound, and economically viable conversion of bio-Ethanol into useful products previously derived from oil or natural gas. We provide value to our customers by offering a green, domestically sourced alternative to their existing supply chain. Viridis Chemical adds purpose to our suppliers and to the economy of Nebraska by further increasing the range of usefulness of local, agriculturally derived feedstock. For more information, please visit www.viridischemical.com.